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After the post here: , I am inclined to ask you about salaries and their ranges in Europe.



Computer programmer with 2-3 years experience: 3000 EUR
School teacher with 9 years experiences: 5500 EUR


This was just an example, I would love to hear from all those who love around Europe and can tell me about salary figures in the field they specialize in.

Your participation is appreciated.
Thank you.

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school teacher with 9 years experience: <3000 gross. about 2600

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German Salaries are Top Secret - good luck finding anything remotely reliable.

It is such a taboo subject in Germany, that it almost never gets mentioned, neither in public or private.

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University Teacher (BA. MA.) 30 Years experience 2500 Net.
Computer Technition apprenticeship + 2 Years experiance 1500 Net. (does not go up to much with experiance max 2000)

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After completed medical studies you have to do 18-24 (most often 21) months of general service to get your legitimation as a physician. Salary for that period ranges from a lowest salary of 23 500 SEK to 30 000 SEK, average around 25 500 SEK, before tax. That would translate to an entry salary of 2 525-3 225 (avg. 2 740) EUR (and 35 000 EUR in student loans to pay off...).

Entry salary for a hospital nurse lies around 17 000 SEK I believe. Large numbers of nurses have been on strike for a while, the union is demanding a lowest entry salary of 22 000 SEK and a 5 000 SEK raise for all current members. (I believe they'll cave in eventually, the strike will prevent people taking their vacations as they want this summer because there's not enough temps to go around on if it goes on for that long, but they'll likely get better improvements than most other unions this year.)

I have no idea about technology job salaries or teacher salaries. Sweden makes very much information public that other countries don't (e.g. anyone can demand to see the first page of the declaration which contains a summary of all declared income and deductions for any given citizen, your social security number is a public datum (though most are not aware of that fact and think their last four digits are private), all mail to and within government institutions and not specifically marked as private or confidential is public etc.), so it's probably possibly to get that data however.

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