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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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IP logged posted posted 08-15-2008 03:06 Edit Quote

I feel you have been negligent in not telling us about the Lambananas. My wife was looking at one on the web yesterday. A friend had sent her a link to an image. I looked them up and found that Liverpool is the center of the majority of them.


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Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

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IP logged posted posted 08-16-2008 05:32 Edit Quote

I am... very confused, and not ashamed to admit it.

Maniac (V) Inmate

From: The Pool Of Life
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IP logged posted posted 08-22-2008 03:42 Edit Quote

You got me there hyperbole, life's a tad stretched for me this year, I don't spend half as much time here as I'd like to, and I miss it tremendously.

The Lambbananas are now called Super Lamb Bananas. I don't know when or why the super was added but it was. Here's some linkage that covers the subject well.
[url=] superlambbanana[p/url]
BBC's coverage
flickr's stuff
I particularly like this guy's take on it which is similar to my views.

Liverpool is being renovated, I nearly added "to death" there which would be a little over the top, at the moment for the 2008 Capital of Culture celebrations. Most of the scousers I know call it the Culture of Capital.

The kids seem to love them and drag their parents all over Liverpool to get photographed next to as many as possible. I, in my cynical old fartiness am less impressed. The super lamb bananas are meant to represent the wackiness of Liverpool people and something equally nonsensical about the sea trade of lamb and bananas as Liverpool is a port.

No, I shan't be negative, they make a nice distraction and as I said the kids like them. I'm jsut wary of fat cats in suits selling off the city in large chunks to business conglomerates who want to earn a fast profit and care not a jot about the city or it's people.
Actually if you look at the video I posted A street called Hope you can see two of the lambbananas one at the beginning and the other by the school that John Lennon and Paul Mc attended, about half way through.

There is a festival over the weekend I hope to be taking photos of Liverpool so I'll try to include a couple of the wee beasties in my shots. I'm very tempted to take my video camera to some of these private shopping malls and streets once owned by the people of Liverpool just to see the reaction of the private army of security staff. In fact I think that's a plan I will execute.

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Lunatic (VI) Inmate

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IP logged posted posted 08-22-2008 14:29 Edit Quote

From the article Tao linked to:

The egregious summer plague of 'Super Lamb Bananas'

That about sums up my thoughts when I first clicked hyperbole's link.
What god-awful things!

There was a similar phenomenon around my way a couple years back, but the things were cows, painted in all sorts of garish tacky ways planted all over the city.

I am completely unable to understand what makes people think that there is something special about such ridiculous installations...

Lunatic (VI) Mad Scientist

From: The Happy Hunting Grounds...
Insane since: Mar 2001

IP logged posted posted 08-22-2008 17:52 Edit Quote

I find the idea novel.

Call me what you will, I like the super lamb bananas!

I bet my twins would like them. They really like the Stone Turtle we have in the city center alot.

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- Sophocles

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Madison, Indiana
Insane since: Aug 2000

IP logged posted posted 08-26-2008 19:45 Edit Quote

When I first saw them, I thought they were rather odd, slightly amusing. Then I did a search on the web and found that your fair city was the source of the infestation and has been inundated by a large herd of them. Although late reports indicate that they may be spreading to other parts of the UK.

I guess I forgot to include an ironically bemused slimey in my first post to indicate that I was surprised you hadn't let us know of the infestation or if you were personally in any danger from it


-- not necessarily stoned... just beautiful.

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