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Interesting. Allows you to play the song you want, when you want to hear it (in case you just have an itch for something specific). Can play a list by year, by a search, by artist, all sorts of things. Looks like you can create your own playlists and add anything they have to it.

Not the greatest interface though. Click and drag the play-bar to move around in the song. Click on a song to play it. No way that I saw right away to stop a song though. The volume also seems a bit high. Even with my laptop set to 1 on the volume, it's a lot louder than other sources. I usually keep it at 2-3 and have the volume at half on whatever player I'm using.

Can also get a list of songs from LastFM or Pandora if you have favorites marked there. I had to add them from my LastFM list one at a time though.

[edit: Seems like a they don't actually have a bunch of songs. They show up in the search, but they come up and play 1 second.


Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature.

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