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I stumbled upon this page of old PC ads, and I couldn't help but laugh in a nostalgic sorta' way. I love the amazing attributes of the Atari 800, that boasts cartridge/cassette, 48k RAM, and 128 colours as astounding features for a PC under $1000.

Wow - I remember wanting at least one or two of these machines, once upon a time.

I feel old.

The site itself is interesting. I think I might kill a lot of time today just admiring the technology at

Early personal computers were nothing like present day computers, they had personality!
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Reminds me of the TRS-80 Model II and II we had in Computer Science back in High School...

Later I had an Atari X1600 I believe it was called.

Pretty cool.

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White Hawk
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From: zero divided.
Insane since: May 2004

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My computer exposure went something like; Commodore 16 (no C64 for me) > Atari 520STFM (wow - double-sided floppy drive) > IBM/PC (386 @ 16/25MHz, 2MB RAM, 60MB HD, no sound) > built my own AMD XP 1800+ > AMD X2 6400.

Give it another decade, and my latest computer will be as quaint as the dusty TI-99/4A I have sitting under my desk - I think that's from around the same era as the TRS.

Funny - nowadays, we refer to computers according to their chipsets - makers are more accurately 'assemblers' of their own machines than designers/manufacturers.

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