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IP logged posted posted 01-06-2010 18:37 Edit Quote

Problem im trying to write reusable code that will automatically get the instance name.


class Object() {
public static nulls = array(blah blah blah);

public static function fill_nulls($post, $object_name){
foreach(static::$nulls as $key => $val){
if($post[$val] == '' || !isset($post[$val])){
$$object_name->$key = "NULL";	


$object = new Object();

instead of setting a variable to be the name of the object is there a way to dynamiclly get the name of the new object so if the name changes the code doesnt have too?

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IP logged posted posted 01-13-2010 14:25 Edit Quote

Not sure what you are trying to achieve. You can get the class name

Else you should use custom getters/setters imo.
Declare a "holder" variable private and create public methods to access it, get value, set value.


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