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Hi there.

For your enjoyment, one of my recent toys :

Wu lines with feedback, mblur, and mah pocket 3d engine. Have to decouple matrix maths, other than that, this 4k thing
is acceptable and a funny toy play with. The api is clean and lean, so I can derive stuff from it pretty easily.
But that's not my question (I will post it with a GPL type license sometime).

My question is about water : following is a super-tsunamis simulation.

Physically, this is partly accurate. But there are two extra factors to throw in :
- frontal waves do pass through each other but...
- if there is a bias, they accumulate. How can I factor that in?
- near coasts, the part which is underwater "collides" against the rising sea bed, causing a slowdown, and what we see when we witness is a tsunami impact. This is called "water refraction", because that's exactly what it is, the refraction of a signal - that signal is the propagation of pressure variations in water.


How do I factor that one in? And sorry for posting in the js forum, it seemed to be the most appropriate.

Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate

Insane since: Apr 2008

IP logged posted posted 01-16-2010 14:13 Edit Quote

*bump*. I will soon open source this one in any event - in February, sometime around v 0.5 or something. I have developed it as a full-blown (java) application already, and by then the "carpentry" will be solid enough to invite other developers to join "hands".

The final solution will use :
- distributed computing
- jogl for OpenGL compatibility
- and java clients for Universal portability

Water (Procedural Texture Physics)

To get a "feel" of what it will become. Kindly note I am toying with this - for free - in partnership with huge Tsunami research labs, in an effort to provide the definitive solution for Tsunami visualization, forecast, and reconstruction.

Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate

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