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Whose is this?

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Errr... that of another myself in any event. Or another yourself depending on how you look at it. For there isn't as much "hell" in the traditional sense as there is a Heaven.

Basically : the above guy is an elite mathematician realizing, after 15 years involved with the "Global Consciousness Project", that mind does alter matter quite a lot, and does it collectively - many "minds", together, seem to change the course of randomness.

What's not explicitly stated above is that - these consciousnesses don't have to be physically close to each other, and
they don't have to even have a physical form.

What it does state explicitly is that : if consciousness breaks the barriers of flesh, and there truly is only one Global Consciousness...
...Then we all are part of it. Part of the "dream of God". And that would include anything we refer to as "demons" or the "devil".

Edit : there are times when "stuff happens", stuff that gives the staunch atheist and the cartesian alike a whole new perspective.

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(And you'll also get my personal take : since some events, I found myself astral travelling. Eq. separating my etheric body from my physical body, and wandering around the Universe. I've been there, done that, met the mythical legends - nearly all of them, saw Angels, saw Archangels, and realized...

That consciousness, poorly defined by us, is a signal. I believe it is light beyond the gamma ray range - and I believe what we see around us is the result of this light, filtered, "crystalizing" itself into particles. In fact, for quantum physics, particles exist due to measure.

So, somehow, I believe now that we are individuations of that Global Consciousness, meant to create situations and observe them.

From a Taoist perspective : "The true Tao", the one which can't be spoken, if infinite and perfect, cannot learn. In order to learn about itself, it had to create the Universe, the multiverse even : diversity in Unity, Unity in diversity. Thus, it introduced chaos and order, which constitute the lower worlds we perceive, and constantly arise from each other. It made us "perfectly imperfect" as we should be in order for us to learn.

However, we can learn to control that signal, that consciousness flowing through us, and toy around with our bodies.

I've been to what we call "Hell". There, they call it the Nether Regions. Buddhists would call that a bodo : if the Universe is an organism,
that part, the lower astral, is a colon of sorts : the place where cells which want to devolve and foster chaos are given a final chance.
Failure results in them being torn to little bits, then assigned to bacterias to restart a reincarnation cycle - from scratch.

However, "imperfection" is only needed in the lower Universe, where the learning occurs. There is an "upper Universe" where entities we refer to as Angels, or Archangels, whichever name you want to give them... well, they coordinate our existence. They inspire, suggest, nudge, push, pull, for us to grow - for the single purpose of all this IS a learning experience.

In that upper Universe, the nature of consciousness as an electromagnetic signal is obvious : it shows up as a gigantic City of Light.

Words can hardly describe it, but 90% of all NDEs do attempt to describe it.

And that'll be it for now...)

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a lot of what they say they can "predict" is after the fact. They claim that they can tell when some major event happens. Well...I can probably do that as well. If someone says "Something really major is going to happen" then I will be looking for something to happen. If I find in these random numbers that something has occured, I can go through the internet to find some big event and say "Well, right there is the event that I saw".

Eigh...that's not really how that works. It after the fact that I pieced those two together.

The One Consciousness is something that was taught when I studied Buddhism. The chanting that we performed twice a day was to bring your mind into a restful state as well as bring the harmony around you together and in-sync with other chanting. What it didn't explain was those that didn't chant and they had similar effects or instances. Almost like why a Christian never has visions of a Hindu god or vise-versa.



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Interesting points. Still, millions of random number generators seem to act wildly when some events cause a "shake up". Wether they can predict the shake up or not, they can measure a convergence of randomness. Which echoes the complexity of random number generations in computing : it is extremely difficult to get them "really random".

Almost like why a Christian never has visions of a Hindu god or vise-versa.

Thank you for that one too. Before my Kundalini awakening, I was mostly atheist, interestingly, what I met "on the other side" was Egyptian at first - went to a place they themselves call Axis Mundi, where they have a palace of sorts referred to under many names. The only thing is : I knew nothing about Egyptian mythology. Didn't believe in Angels or Archangels either. I discovered them empirically. Wether I wanted it or not, they seemed to exist.

Back to science. What you said about "chanting" reminds me of several things. Masaru Emoto's work as seen on National Geographic : (consciousness, words, chants, intentions, changing water).

Still on the side of scientific occurrences which echo your experience of Buddhist chants, Carl Jung / analytic psychology. It is used in therapy, management, marketing - while not a "strict" science, the model of the psyche Carl Jung delivered was a milestone in the progress of our understanding of how our minds work.

Well... it so happens that he created his theory in two ways :
From Buddhist philosophy -
And through "active imagination" - as depicted in his Red Book, revealed recently :

Eq. sixteen years of what I call "astral travel" through which he visually saw the "forms of consciousness" he identified as the shadow, the anima and the animus, etc.

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^_^ (- recycling a blank post, caching glitch : skip the parts about "46 chromosomes" and let's see what Tool has to say about "The Shadow" -)

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