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If you are just starting out with using the internet to get clients, I recommend starting with online networking and article marketing. Both are easy techniques to apply and they can bring you a ton of web site visitors, when used correctly. When you add quality content to your website, you make it more informative to potential clients and more attractive to search engines and there are many more like Run a contest and promote it. Make Money Online is one of the best sites I know up to now. I came up to it around some weeks ago. It's a very simple system. You don't need a website or a list or any of that jazz to use this system. It's a very simple system. Anyone, even without any computer or technical knowledge, can get started right away.

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No, no, no! That's not the way at all.

You start by hiring some goons to go round the area 'advertising' your business. Make sure they know how to handle themselves and aren't afraid to hurt a few people. Start off by being gentle about it, but then, if business doesn't pick up, break a few fingers and smash a few shops up. Make sure you keep a few quid spare for the local rozzer should they come nosing about - make sure they know you know where their families live, but feed them a few lines every now and then to make them feel like they've got a modicum of self-respect and standing. A good inventory of 'equipment' should always be kept in a safe and deniable location for use if 'shit gets heavy'. Expand your 'equipment' and goon supplies as your business starts to take off, and be sure to sell-off or hire out the older stock to offset further investment. An old goon can be quite profitable in a sub-rental sense, and it saves them getting under your feet or getting too close to you. Oh yeah - and don't trust anyone! Keep even your own mother out of the complete loop - people have gotta' believe that it will all fall apart without you to look after everyone.

Before you know it, your protection business will be booming! It's a very simple system.

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