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Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: K-town, FL, USA
Insane since: Jun 2002

IP logged posted posted 05-08-2010 06:28 Edit Quote

Howdy all. Been a while since the last post. I am working on a little side project to get be back into the world of web design. This is a mock up site that I am doing for a friend. I was hoping that I could get some feed back from my fellow inmates on layout of the home page and overall look.

When you first load the page you may have to refresh its once or twice to get it to show until i fix a few bugs with the django backend. mostly just need to install virtualenv and change python path to include grappelli. Thanks in advance for the criticism.

Also if you see any layout flaws in the html/css let me know cause as I said its been a while and I know that I am a little rusty at this.

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

From: 127 Halcyon Road, Marenia, Atlantis
Insane since: Aug 2000

IP logged posted posted 05-08-2010 15:09 Edit Quote

It's cute and the navigation is simple enough.

The only thing I take issue with is the orange-ish sand background. It's too prominent the way it is, too eye catching. I think it either needs some more texture (now that it's so visible), or some desaturation (so it slinks off into the background).

Otherwise it seems ok to me. Oh, and I didn't immediately notice what the point of the site was.

Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: K-town, FL, USA
Insane since: Jun 2002

IP logged posted posted 05-08-2010 15:35 Edit Quote

client wants it to be a fishing site that users can visit to discuss fishing, post photos, and trade gps locations in the forums. Visitors will also be able to check the tides, search species list, find fishing tips... The other goal of the site will also be to bring more traffic to another more serious site that my friend is setting up called reelseafood. this will be a recipe site where he and his fiancee can post seafood recipes online.

I tried to add a background texture to the sand in the beginning but had trouble with the fixed positioning of the header when I did so. When I would scroll down the the sand texture would scroll with the body of the text and cover up the header image. tried a few different layouts. sand texture was set to body background and header image was layered on top of it follow by the content. any suggestions are welcome if someone has run into similar issues.

Thanks Petskull for the looksie

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Florida
Insane since: Mar 2005

IP logged posted posted 05-08-2010 17:39 Edit Quote

Looks pretty good.

I'd probably throw in an h1 with the title (hidden via CSS, if you like) because the page looks a little headless without CSS ATM.
You can probably save a few bytes and increase flexibility some by using two background images (no-repeat for body and repeat-x for html) for your header ocean scene.
All those JPEGs should be PNGs.

Couple little markup errors I assume would be dealt with eventually :

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