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I honestly don't remember if I've talked about Multi-CH in these parts much or not. Chances are that I have not.

I am a part of Second Life. My user name there is Abu Nasu. When I started getting into content creation, I found so many things that are just plain wrong. It became a new challenge to push myself and fix things my way. My burning curiosity and lateral ways always seem to get the best of me. Born of that was Multi Chan Hax. What Multi-CH does is bring multiple mapping channels into Photoshop. It is a very simple and elegant idea that rocks on so many levels - plus it can reach into 3d in general instead of being SL specific.

I met someone in SL named Claire. She adores Multi-CH to no end. She went so far as to make video tutorials for it. Got an e-mail about it just yesterday.

Multi Chan Hax is All Kinds of Awesome

She absolutely rocked it.

It still tickles me pink that I brought multiple mapping channels into Photoshop.

That is one of the things that I have been up to.

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Never cease to amaze Warj. And that's a helluva tutorial Claire put together. Certainly knows her way around PS.

So are you selling any gear on SL?

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I've got some oddball things for sale. Some at the on-line Marketplace and some in-world. Just a handful of whatever things. My sales are sparce and sparodic. Can go months without a sale, then sell three things boom boom boom. I haven't really put a lot of effort into it.

Now, Second Life has static mesh support in public beta testing. This is going to be a big ass killer market. If you want in on this, the sooner the better. Not just regular static meshes, either - also custom avatar meshes weighted to the skeleton. I'm still not sure what my part in this will be just yet.

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