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There's something amazing about the effect on me and I see anime that is destroying something like that. Seth and his team show a real pride in their work.Family Guy DVD The New Yorker Nancy Franklin says that Family Guy has become one of the best cartoons there's a comment on its ribaldry and popularity, even saying that it was better than The Simpsons, in the form of quality.House MD DVD The show has also become a hit on Hulu, becoming the second highest after show saw Saturday Night Live.IGN called Family Guy a great show,The Office DVD and also noted that it was better because there is rebirth. They also reported they can not imagine a half-hour sitcom, which makes about as much fun as the family Guy.Empire praised the show and its sponsors to be able to create real moments of hilarious matieral unlikely.Glee DVD They also noticed that one of the reasons why they love the show, because nothing is sacred and can make jokes and gags on almost everything.Robin Pierson spokesman of the famous TV series as "another sort of animated comedy is clearly aimed at making jokes and other cartoons can not do.

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