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The product was shipped in a timely manner.Glee DVD Quality was perfect. Clean and fresh.he was also sentenced to watch critical votes, with Jon Dolan Rolling Stone noted that Matthew Morrison The Big Bang Theory DVD"could not rap out of a 98 ° sample", and Allmusic Andrew Leahey considering that the Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron "can not sing nearly as well as their co-stars." E! Online Joal Ryan criticized the show's Grey's Anatomy DVD"overproduced soundtrack", in particular, complain that many songs are too heavily on pitch correction software, Auto-Tune, noting: "For all too brief moment of Lea Michele survey materials and a wonderful "What a girl wants" or Monteith perfectly credible REO Speedwagon sing in the shower,Lost DVD which look like Monteith and Michele at the time of 1990's Dear "No Air", or sound like the Monteith Monteith XRZ-200-outside shower version of "Can not Fight This Feeling".In the second period, Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone, said Britney Spears and the episodes of Rocky Horror tribute of examples in which he praised the cheerfulness and his choice of music. Murphy praised for its selection and the resurrection of "forgot" to pop songs, and compare the uniqueness of the series' first MTV "the embodiment of popular culture.

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