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Unfortunately, page access is restricted by the customer
and I don't have a PHP server of mine (tip : Google App Engine
and JSP make for free high scalability hosting).

But the relevant sections of code are :

jQuery.noConflict(); // Disable jQuery $ shortcut to prevent conflicts with
// other libraries.

(function($) { // Wrap in a closure. Creates a safe scope to work from.
	 * Image loader class.
	$.argo_iml = (function() {
		var init, open, codeBase, documentBase, _props = this;

                ... A ton of initialization code which fetches components,
                scripts, styles, texts using Ajax...


The problem with that : early on on init, the "object" in question
pops a "Please wait" label on the buttons which will be used to trigger it.
Please wait lasts until a custom event tells the rest of the page
that there is enough of the plugin available for action.

Which makes for the "upload image" text sitting there for a while at first,
then "Please wait", then again "upload image".

Customer would like the "Please wait" text to be there from the very
first instant, but how do I do that when I need to fetch both the config file
from php, and the texts, for modularity?

Texts are external, in a file, for easy translation, config as well for, well..
easy configuration.

In advance thank you.

(Edited by argo_navis on 06-30-2011 04:49)

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