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IP logged posted posted 09-04-2011 09:52 Edit Quote

Of course the title struck me. Being curious, I peeped and then peeped some more.

I've watched a few of the videos and I'm laughing my ass off! I will be getting a lot of material out of this series of videos.

One day Girlie #1 and I were watching some movie. The bad guy was chasing the woman. She totally racked the guy between the legs. He was down for a few seconds and then was right back up and chasing the girl again.

I said to Girlie #1, "That's not what really happens. He would have stayed down a Helluva lot longer. That shit hurts *way* more than that."

She laughed and said, "I know."

At that point I couldn't help but wonder what her experiences have been with racking a guy, but I let it go and didn't ask her any questions about it. All I could really do is smile to myself knowing that she knew.

After a few more videos, I might check-out and see what's up with that domain name.

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She knew nothing about the movie. She only knew she was watching a movie. That's why she said "I know." She meant she watched the preview maybe. And that's all she knows.

But what I know from movies is that, sorry to say, it's a little squishy in the front row. You want to know why? Because you move with the movie and the movie moves with the people in the back row. The thing that irks you is that when people scream you have no clue what part is showing. Save yourself the $14 DVD and just rent is what'd I'd say.

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IP logged posted posted 09-20-2011 15:37 Edit Quote

Reading the first post, then reading the second is hella confusing!

Like some sort of dysoptic narrative, I guess.

How did we go from a kick in the balls to front row squishiness?


Oh and

I said to Girlie #1, "That's not what really happens. He would have stayed down a Helluva lot longer. That shit hurts *way* more than that."

is not always true. It really depends on the force used, the placement, and if the victim is on something. I have kicked guys in the balls before and they didn't even notice. I had to use a restraining hold on them - and even that was difficult. One guy actually had a dislocated shoulder and a few broken fingers and was still squirming about, trying to get to me.

PCP or something. *shrugs*

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- Sophocles

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