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posted posted 10-05-2011 13:32

Crom Alternative Exchange Association
Viska 14, 52100 Pula, Croatia

Press & Public Release

Tuesday, 04 October 2011



Transition: Are We On The Threshold Of The Socioeconomic Monetary Paradigm Shift That Reigns Over The Entire Globe?

Many people have to deal with negative life experiences that they should have never experienced. The same goes for business, where things often develop in a way that was not planned. If we zoom in on the current global situation we can see one half of the population dying of starvation, and on the other side we see teenagers, workers and pensioners deprived of all their dreams, aspirations and hopes - helplessly angry at governments and banks, just looking at the devastation caused by the global debt crisis.

Happiness, well-being, peace and prosperity can not be printed. Although there is more so-called money in the bloodstream of the human civilization than ever before in recorded history, and although there has never been so much currency created out of nothing in such a short time period, humanity is stuck in the greatest money crisis since it concluded the contract with God, better known as the Ten Commandments.

Money in the form of interest-bearing debt has been an obvious source of majority of our problems for so long that the show must be making even the Devil bored, so it is probably just a matter of the moment when will somebody decide to publicly stand against the endless broadcasting of that absurd tragicomedy. Or maybe we are just stepping over the threshold of transition from socio-economic monetary paradigm that is ruling this planet, into some completely different and better future that We the People will build according to our taste?

In fact, our common primary problem is not the quantity of money, but the democratic control over its creation and distribution. Since, in principle, the problem never represents the problem itself but a reaction to it; the Crom Alternative Exchange Association informs the public that it will soon; in an attempt to entirely eliminate unnecessary ugly ?surprises? that life often brings us, i.e. constant repetition of always the same mistakes that we have been making for centuries and have repeatedly failed to learn from them for some mysterious reasons; open an alternative monetary-financial system of a global-local character oriented towards the cooperative economy and protection of life and nature through which the organization will endeavor ? via monetary sovereignty, financial independence and satisfactory level of self-sufficiency - to give a chance of choice and expression to each reality, starting from the lowest classes.

Will we continue to march blindly on the path of self-destruction like zombies in a Hollywood conspiracy movie, or will the common sense and logic prevail at the end, mostly depends on the outcome of the invasion on the collective human mind that is currently happening in all segments of the common social everyday life. Undoubtedly, the key question is will the masses start absorbing information of this and similar type, or will they continue to ignore them.

Independent of monetary and political decisions and influences of the world leaders, events on the bond and stock bourses, declines in the financial derivatives markets and speculations on ?national? currencies; 'Payment System And Social Network ? Crom Alternative Currency' electronic platform represents a simple and easy understandable transparent concept that connects businessmen and common people without territorial boundaries, offering them a sustainable substitution for imposed monopole ? unsustainable conventional legal tender. Among other functionalities, within the above mentioned alternative currency system, there also exist products & services market, no interests loans and currency exchange.

Is the project really worth participating in, or everything smells like a cheap commercial trick already countless times seen?

A bit of curiosity is not so expensive and unaffordable cost to ascertain it, for yourself...

# # #

This material is free for reproduction but must be reproduced in its entirety, links included.

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posted posted 10-05-2011 14:46

Smells like spam!

Off to the Basement with you!

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