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I have a to make web page containing 2 columns. This is done.
Now what I would like to insert in the code is something like this:
The 2 columns should be full screen on any resolutions. Something like the page would adapt to the monitor resolution.
The percent would be 80% for the first column 20% for the second one.

What I don't know - is how to do that. Would a table resolve this problem?
What would be the code for this?

Suggestion are well appreciated.

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You already give the answer in your post. Use percentages for size.
Tables are evil. So unless you need to show tabular data do not use them. Use HTML and CSS instead.

Your html code would be something like this.

[Doctype declaration] 
<title> 2 column page </title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="theme.css" />
<div id="container">
<div id="column1"> <!-- Content of column1 goes here --> Column1 </div> 
<div id="column2"> <!-- Content of column2 goes here --> Column2 </div>
</div> <!-- End of Container div -->

Create a css file (theme.css) an put something like this in it.

/* theme.css */

html, body, #container {
padding:0; /* reset padding and margin to Zero to avoid problems */
width: 100%;

#column1 {
width: 19%; 
background-color: white;
float: left}

#column2 {
width: 79% ;

/*end of file */

As you can see both columns are missing 1% in size, this way there will always be a small gutter even when you don't declare it.

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I'm not sure if the gutters' is completely necessary, but tables are definitely not.

80% + 20% divs should work, but do not apply your margins, padding and etc to these divs. Create additional divs inside if you need styling.

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