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So I have this client that wants to be able to tell people to "LIKE" his page and it redirects them to a downloads page where they can get a free mp3 download. Is this even possible? Sounds simple but I'm no programmer. Any other ideas of how to do something like this or is it even possible?

thanks guys, happy new years!

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Absolutely, it is possible you need to use third party applications. You used to be able to create custom tabs with an app called FBML, which was free and quite flexible as you could fill it in with almost any code, but unfortunately, this app is no longer supported.

Now you can use tabs engines such as Lujure or Fanpageengine (they're both affordable  Lujure has a free plan), which are online platforms that connect to your page and from which you can create custom tabs; or alternatively, you can most probably find new apps similar to FBML, which allow you to create custom tabs straight from Facebook, but I believe all of them require an SSL Certificate nowadays, so you end up paying for it anyway.

Another choice you have if you end up having to create custom tabs on a regular basis, and perhaps build custom competitions (swipes, draws, pictures comps, etc) for your clients, try Wildfire.

Hope this helps, and Happy New Year to you!


Sorry I only gave you half of an answer here: then once you have chosen the solution that best suits you, you can configure you page to redirect to your new custom tab, on which you will have created your download page.

Hope this helps please don't hesitate to ask if anything is unclear.


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Radical Rob
Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Lost Angeles Kalifornia, via Hawaii....
Insane since: Jun 2001

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Thanks Kimson! I found an awesome solution that was free! It's called HTML for Facebook pages. It allows you to create a custom page when people click on your FB page with any HTML that you want. Then once you click LIKE, it directs you to another HTML page with any reward, or some download links. It's really simple and it was free. Did exactly what I needed to get done!! (Did I mention it was free?)

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