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Monthly Pride

This is something that I used to run on other boards a long time ago. It started out as weekly, but that was too much. Monthly seems to be a good time-frame. At the end of every month, folks would talk about things that they accomplished and were proud of. It wasn't bragging and gratuitous back-patting - it was genuine pride chat.

Why in Phil & Sil? Because pride seems to be a philo subject with most folks. I've met more than a few folks that think that pride is a sin. I've gotten into more than a few debates about it. Some good chats, but also some "heated discussions". There is a lot more to it, but accomplishment, pride, sin, and humility is a completely different thread. I'll leave this to one of you kind folks to open and start up.

What did I accomplish and am proud of this past month?

One thing that I haven't talked about on these forums (or any place online) is that I have gotten heavily into knotwork, braiding, and anything to do with string/rope/yarn. Duck to water and all that. All branches. Everything.

This includes Turks' heads and globe knots (spherical coverings). Someone gave me a complete set of pool balls. I designed a mix between a turks head and globe knot using paracord. It all fits perfectly together and is unique. I am proud of the design and execution. However, I still have yet to get my hands on different coloured paracord for the different coloured balls and finish the set. But it is designed and I can do it. Proud of these first few steps.

Another thing that I accomplished that I am proud of is fixing a drain. In my new situation, a drain went all clogged and stuff. It took a few days, but I managed to stay calm and get it flowing again. Might not sound like much to some, but it was a big deal for this old house and my (new) significant other.

Last big thing is that I learned how to brown rice. I *love* cooking with rice and I have found myself at a whole new level with browning. My wok is da bomb! My new-found cooking skillz actually gets me some smoochies! Wooo! I never thought I would be so excited about cooking. I love being able to cook something awesome... smoochies just bonus.

What have you done this past month that you are proud of?

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Well this is for November now but it seems like a waste to open a new thread.

I attended a large (>380 robots) robotics competition and finished 2nd in my category. It has been a dream of mine for years to go there. Talking about "real" autonomous robots here, nothing remote controlled, mind you. Most people who take part in these competitions usually have a whole team, sponsorships, belong to robotics clubs or represent their university. I figured I'd have none of that, just do everything myself, enjoy the process and see what comes of it. Only one other robot managed to complete the given task without mistakes and unfortunately it was a bit quicker than mine.

So this is how I have been spending my free evenings and weekends lately.

This is easily among the top things I've ever accomplished so I'm pretty happy with myself.

At work I've been filling the technical lead sort of role for a large project this year and received a promotion for my success with it. I'm proud of that too but well ... it's a bit less exciting than a robot that actually does what it's supposed to do.

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I'm a bit late opening new thread for Nov, but getting to it right now. I'll give a holler and things.

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I know this guy and he is a real hillbilly. He asked me to make him a duck call lanyard. I did a little bit of research, got the stuff together, and made him one. No big deal. The day after I gave it to him,

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