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This is a tradition in the Photoshop forum.

Here are the usual rules for our Repeat Performances, as stolen from Docilebob.

1) Start here with this weeks image.

2) Have your way with it. That includes, but is by no means limited to : shake it, bake it, ruffle it smooth it, restore it, destroy it, twist it, burn it, smash it, stretch it, reveal the inner beauty, cut it to the red meat, paste it, waste it, taste it, mould it, mold it, shine it, shank it, dank it, yank it, in short, do to it what you will.

3) Post it here ( Be mindful of file size, thumbnails and text links are perfectly acceptable)

4) No critiques, no recriminations ( unless you do something really stupid )
No winners, no losers.

Relevant forums:


And if you want to propose an image, send it to Docilebob

(Added by: username on Mon 29-Apr-2002)

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