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You can get an indepth critique of web pages in the Site reviews! forum from people who know what they are talking about (and some who don't!!) but just to oil the cogs it would be useful if people followed a few guidelines. twitch^ provided these nuggets of wisdom which are a good enough place to start:

Okay, I've just plum run out of filler for why people do what and for how many cookies to what child of a third-world country. I've decided to complile this, a brief checklist, to use when deciding if your site requires a review.

First and foremost, of utmost importance, is that YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS FORUM AS A WAY TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE. If that doesn't make sense to you, then you shouldn't post it anyway, you're too much of an idiot.

Second, and of equal importance, almost, is that IF YOU'RE ASKING FOR A REVIEW, TELL US WHAT PART TO REVIEW. Too often we get sites that are nothing more than a splash page. We don't want to review that. That's nothing more than a PS image. It belongs in the PS forum, not here. Also, we comment on whatever we run across unless you've specified specific things to look for...and we end up wasting time because you don't care enough to give us a little more than just "here's the site, tell me what you think."

Third, please remember that many of us here are professionals in the web development community. I cannot speak for everyone here, but I simply cannot give you all the advice that you may need. I can direct you to places, and I can answer small questions here and there. However, I do not have the time to take your site apart piece by piece and tell you everything that is, functionally, broken or superfluous.

Fourth, please refer to Number One. That's important.

Fifth, please keep in mind that everything we say is based on opinion. If you don't want our opinions (or decide at the last minute that you don't want to hear anything but glittering reviews) then stop there. Don't post. Please. For the love of god, please don't. It's simply a waste of time.

Finally, remember where you are. Respect what you do and what we say, and we'll all be much happier.


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