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I'm looking for Sci-Fi, Horror, Movie, etc. fonts can you help? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4639" title="Pages that link to I&amp;#039;m looking for Sci-Fi, Horror, Movie, etc. fonts can you help?" rel="nofollow" >I&#039;m looking for Sci-Fi, Horror, Movie, etc. fonts can you help?\

Personally I think that, unless you know the name of the font you are looking for, then the best way to find what you want is to look through themed collections of fonts so take a nose through these:

Font Page - one of the great unsung resources.

typOasis - a really good collection of themes and try their 'Fonts through the Ages' for historical fonts (and it is one of the best looking font repositories!!).

Stuff - Font Warehouse

Simply the Best Fonts

Fonts & Things

Happy Hour Fonts


Abstract Fonts

Font Island



About's collection of themed font links

Font Garden


and there are some sites which specialise in specific font genres:



Sci-Fi Fonts

Space Fonts

Tech Fonts

Simple the Best: Futuristic Fonts, Hitech Fonts and Scifi Fonts


Fonts for Freaks!!

Sinister Fonts

Horror Find

Dark Side of the Net - a good set of links to other horror/gothic fonts.

Simple the Best: Horror Fonts and Gothic Fonts

TV and Film/Movie

Omega Design - fonts from TV, Movies and books - all with a sci-fi and fantasy theme.

Movie Fonts

Horror Movie Fonts

Movie/TV fonts

Simple the Best: Movie Fonts

Famous Fonts ~ SMACKBOMB.COM

Pixel fonts

List of pixel fonts (Dafont)

miniml - some of the best pixel fonts around


Grunge Fonts Home Page

Misprinted Type


Fonts for Freaks

RockRage - Rockband fonts

Erotic fonts - adults only

Erotic fonts

Relevant FAQs:

Do you know any good resources for free fonts?

What are "Screen Fonts" or "Pixel Fonts" and how do they differ from other fonts?

Relevant note:

As of writing this FAQ is number 8 at Google in the search for the terms erotic, fonts and number 9 the phrase "erotic fonts" - don't look at me its not my fault (well OK it is as I added the erotic fonts link for a laugh). We are also number 10 for the terms movie, fonts and the phrase "movie fonts" (up from 11, 13, 10, 13, 12). We also sneak in at number 4 for the terms horror, movie, fonts


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