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What is the Asylum policy on warez/illegal software? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4775" title="Pages that link to What is the Asylum policy on warez/illegal software?" rel="nofollow" >What is the Asylum policy on warez/illegal software?\

Policy??? Asylum???

Do we have a policy on anything?????????

Anyway I hink the general feeling is that we understand that it goes on but we won't allow any swapping of warez and or serial numbers on the board.

Some words from the good doctors mouth:

[stern voice]Warez are BAD for the industry, software really should be paid for.[/stern voice]

I really belive this. However, if somebody really is starting out and hasn't the money, I'd not condemn anyone for doing what they have to do, using what they have to use. It really is in all of our best interests to not post such informations here in the forum, though! Please restrict any such referals to email, if you please!

from here.


We have kicked this topic around on a number of occasions (without reaching anything anyone would think was a consensus!!)

A show of hands

serial number needed

Thread Locked

No *real* consensus. However, THIS is the type of thing that will earn you a swift kick in the ass.

Relevant FAQs:

What are the Don'ts?

What are the alternatives to pirated software?


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