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PSPong? A crazy game the inmates play.

Here are the rules again (as written out by taxon):

Here's what we've come upon for the guidelines for participating in "matches" here.

Post in the "I wanna play" thread. Add which you'd prefer to play - either a time based game, or turn based. Time limits of around 30 minutes add an extra challenge, but you and your drawn oppenent will need to work out when you can spare the time (when to begin).

Time limit or not, for a match to be "complete" the image must be altered by each artist at least 4 times.
When each alteration is complete a .JPG image should be posted to your game thread, and the PSD (zipped if possible)
sent to your opponent. How you get it to them is up to you, email, ICQ, Website, FTP etc. But make some noise in your thread about it.

The artists will decide when an image is complete (game over) but 4 alterations per player must be made.

Try to keep as much correspondace in your game thread. ICQ and/or Email is helpful but we want to hear what youre thinking. Most members have contact information in thier profile however.

To begin - Names will be taken from the "I wanna play" thread, randomized and paired off. Each 'Draw' will be posted to the "Upcoming Events" thread.

Check this thread to see who you're playing - who is 'serving' the first image will be posted here also.

Once you know, get ready.

The person serving should start a thread in this forum called something like "YourName vs YourOppenents"
(example : "Taxon vs Weadah", its up to you but be descriptive), and post the initial image. If you havent contacted your oppenent or dont wish to, provide a link to the relevant PSD or ZIP file in your post also.

Your opponent should then collect this file (either from you or the link provided) and continue on, posting a progression pic and relevant PSD or ZIP info (again if your not in contact) when done.

There's no rule as to how you alter the image or how many layers you add, but be courteous to the previous artist. Build on what you get and have fun with it. There are no winners.

After things get going... we'll open it up so you can challenge certain people, rather than randomly being paired off.

With this being a new idea, we are sure to make changes to the outlines listed above... but this is what we will start with.
For now, we'll be looking to set up One vs One games. Depending on the intrest level... we may bump it to Two vs Two.... or Three vs Three, and we even have a few other odd ball ideas for even larger groups of people.

In the spirit of this whole thing, audiences are encouraged to comment as the image progresses.... but do everyone the favor of leaving your sig at the door. Some of these threads are going to get large in size as is, without 15 sigs getting thrown in the mix.

Other relevant FAQs

What is PsPong



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