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This is a list of all my sigs!

I don't have anywhere near as many sigs as some of the other Inmates do. I usually only change it when I'm really bored.

Some of these look like they fell off the ugly tree hitting every branch an the way down but at least it reminds me of how much I've learnt since coming here.

6th of April, 2001:
My first sig. ~sigh~, How lame. Only lasted a couple of posts.

22nd of May, 2001:
Second Sig, First and maybe last attempt at animation.

24th of July, 2001:
My 3rd Sig. Stuck for a while then I just got bored of it.

14th of April, 2002:
My 4th and current Sig. Yay coffee!

6th of May, 2002:
Sig entry for the May 2002 Sig comp: May 2002 (Household Appliances)

(Added by: Dracusis on Sun 19-May-2002)

(Edited by: Dracusis on Sun 19-May-2002)

(Edited by: Dracusis on Sun 19-May-2002)

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