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The ability" to edit the titles of posts Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4841" title="Pages that link to The ability&amp;quot; to edit the titles of posts" rel="nofollow" >The ability&quot; to edit the titles of posts\

Ok, this feature has been added for the admins, meaning Emperor can now go around and fix the spelling mistakes, rename topics and the like (see your admin section).
So long, and thanks for the discussion,
--Tyberius Prime


TP - not quite> I can't do Dracusis' due to the quotes in the title (give it a try). I'd recommend doing using that string swapping code to replace them with &quot;

EMP - not sure what you're talking about... Can you hand me a link?

If you do see any typos in titles then add them here:

Need an FAQ renaming?

and we'll change things when we can. Cheers.

(Edited by: Emperor on Thu 23-May-2002)

(Edited by: Tyberius Prime on Thu 23-May-2002)

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