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I think I may have found a real bug.

I was editing a post about 'being able to edit tpoic sentances' and things went weird. It was my second edit but it had been like 4 or 5 hours since I editied the entry. I recieved the "Flood Control" error message and thought, now that's weird.

I hit the back button. All my stuff was there as I typed it so I thought, well hey. That's fine. After several minuites I hit the [edit] button again and it went through only nothing was saved!

However I did notice that 2 people had edited the post since I first hit the edit button (I was takin my time). Could it be that someone else tripped the 'Flood Control' message for me? We all have the same rights to edit a message so does that mean that we are all identified as the same person for the flood control?

- [Dracusis]

Well, of course you should not be identified as the same people... But the Floood Control Mechanism blocks you by your ip... So if you were using the same proxy as someone else... I'll probably just disable it later tonight, but I'm not home right now and can't do anything about it. (oh and it's last come, last save, so that if you start typing before someone else, her finishes before you, then you finish, his post is lost.... I might decide to do something about it if it get's to be a problem)--Tyberius Prime

(Edited by: Tyberius Prime on Mon 20-May-2002)

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