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being able to use [##] in the Asylum Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4913" title="Pages that link to being able to use [##] in the Asylum" rel="nofollow" >being able to use [##] in the Asylum\

Being able to make a link to the faq by using [id], just like around here.
Anyone care for that?

(Added by: Tyberius Prime on Mon 20-May-2002)

We'll be wanting to point inmates to a specific FAQ topic from time to time, and using a simple [###] for that would be quite comfortable. But in most cases we'll have to look up the topic's number anyway, so we could as well copy the whole URL. IMHO it would be a fine feature, but it isn't absolutely neccessary.

This would be nice, but it's really up to the Doc I'd assume. I'm not sure if he reads these.

(Edited by: Slime on Thu 23-May-2002)

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