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Issues about computer security go here - hacking, firewalls, virus scanners, etc.

A list of some decent resources to keep your self protected on the internet.

Relevant links:

Zone Labs - Makers of Zone Alarm. Excellent Shareware firewall!

Tiny Software Makers of Tiny Personal Firewall excellent protection and it is free for home use.

Norton Firewall - Ok for basic Firewall use.

+KasperSky - Very good Anti-Virus program! KasperSky has found virii that other AV's have missed.

-KasperSky - Very good Anti-Virus program.

Symantec - Norton's Anti-Virus is one of the best programs ever used.

PCcillin - Very decent Anti - Virus program, comes with most new PCs.

Escorcher - Freeware Anti-Virus Software, has picked up viruses that the others have missed.

Housecall - Good free online anti-virus scanner.

Gibson Research Center - The foremost in testing Anti-virus, firewalls and operating systems for security.

CyberCrime - Good news site on computer security.

Browser Security Test - will check your browser for vulnerabilities.

Pajhome.org.uk - A very good site on encryption basics, hardening of security on your OS, and some suprising facts about Internet Explorer Security (or lack there of...)

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