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Porn Discussion Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4920" title="Pages that link to Porn Discussion" rel="nofollow" >Porn Discussion\

I totally disgaree with number one. [InI]

Well, maybe we should make a node for posting links to porn then?
Just kidding. --Tyberius Prime

(Added by: Tyberius Prime on Mon 20-May-2002)

What you consider porn and what I consider porn could be two vastly different things. Does nudity count? How about pornographic literature?

(Edited by: Dracusis on Mon 20-May-2002)


I think what we need to concern ourselves with is something more like "Try and avoid links to sites that may be too inappropiate for minors", or something like that. We have a lot of girls here, and more than a few 14-15 year olds, I'd hate to have their parents forbid them to come here. Perhaps we should use some discretion, and warn people if a link we're posting is potentially offensive to some? Mostly this all falls under the heading of "BE POLITE TO OTHERS."

(Edited by: DocOzone on Mon 20-May-2002)

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