Hi I'm new here (at the Ozone Asylum) what do I need to know? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4956" title="Pages that link to Hi I&amp;#039;m new here (at the Ozone Asylum) what do I need to know?" rel="nofollow" >Hi I&#039;m new here (at the Ozone Asylum) what do I need to know?\

Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Välkommen, Dábro pazhálovatch', Benvenuto, Bruchím ha'baím, Dobro doshli, Benvenon, Velkommen, Fáilte, Welkom, Mabuhay, Witamy, Karibu, Ãœdvözöljük, Selamat datang, Zayt bagrist, Vítejte, etc. to the OZONE Asylum.

I think it worth pointing out that this forum is focused on web design and graphics (and related areas) and if you aren't really interested in that then you might be better off seeking out a forum more suited to your interests.

Someone will be along in a minute with your Pills, a nice white jacket and some crayons.

So things you should know?

1. Don't ever give your pills to Wakkos - see: Wakkos says to give him my pills - should I?

2. Well read up on Asylum Etiquette

3. Pick up some tips on the best way to ask questions in General advice for starting threads

4. Get involved with Ozone Traditions

5. Find out who some of us are in Who are the inmates?

6. Discover what the different forums are about in What are the forums all about?

7. Get your own cell here - How do I get my cell?

8. Give us permission to archive any content you add in the FAQ (all copyright remains with you) - Give us your permission to archive things in the FAQ

And just have a nose around the sections in this FAQ especially:

Asylum General
Skaarjj: Now, I know this is linked to from one of the above pages, but it is something it'd be really nice if most of the new members would read it and live by it, so...How to ask questions the smart way


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