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hard return after [code] Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5006" title="Pages that link to hard return after [code]" rel="nofollow" >hard return after [code]\

I can't seem to get a hrad return to show after the code tags - e.g. on this page:

Explain to me what a 'hard return' (or is it a 'hrad return'?) is, and I'll go and fix it. --Tyberius Prime

(Edited by: Tyberius Prime on Fri 24-May-2002)


TP if you look at the editable source and then look at the output you'll see I've hit return 3 times after the code tag but there is no vertical space between the bottom of the code tag and the start of the text.

Should be fixed now... seems it was a stupid IE bug, but I coded something around it... --Tyberius Prime

(Edited by: Tyberius Prime on Fri 24-May-2002)

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