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What are the PS keyboard shortcuts? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5011" title="Pages that link to What are the PS keyboard shortcuts?" rel="nofollow" >What are the PS keyboard shortcuts?\

Most people learn Photoshop to use with the mouse but after some long nights and some sore wrists, you'll want to do it a different way. Then you have two choices: get yourself a wacom tablet and a pen or learn the shortcuts by memory. If you decide to do the last, you will really master Photoshop. So then maybe you can make some money off it and get the tablet after all.
But be warned: when you know the shortcuts you're work will be done faster and easier so you might end up spending more time with your family/children/boss.

Photoshop short cut lists:

PS Shortcuts from thunder lizard.com -HTML
PS Shortcuts from photoshopgurus - HTML Very long list.
PS Shortcuts from adobeevangelists.com - PDF (direct link)
PS Shortcuts from Trevor Morris site - PDF files
PS-5 shortcuts for PC and MAC from sifre? -PDF files
PS-6 Shortcuts from guerillagrfx.com - direct link to PDF
PS-7 Shortcuts from bestgraffic.pl - direct link to PDF
Teamphotoshop PS-7 shortcuts - HTML
120 Helpful hints for Photoshop (direct link to a .pdf) We thank shiizzzam for sharing.


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