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Howdy! I'm a weekly columnist and graphic designer at a small town newspaper in western North Carolina.

I have two kids, two cats, a load of bills, and a dead car that has been sitting in the apartment parking lot for several months now just begging to be towed away.

I served for 12 exciting years in the Marine Corps as a Combat Correspondent. The Marine Corps had whisked me away to the little island of Okinawa; the jungles of Panama; the deserts of Egypt, Jordan, and some other crappy, hot place I can't remember right now; the fun cities in Spain, Italy, and Malta; the not-so-fun cities in Greece; and, of course, all across our own great American nation. After 12 years of traveling without my family by my side I opted to head to the greener pastures of civilian life. It's nice actually being home every night nowadays.

I enjoy writing, reading, playing with Adobe Photoshop, hiking through the gorgeous Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains, annoying my kids, drawing, and playing a good game of chess. It doesn't take much to entertain me.

Pay me a visit at http://www.haughtbk.com if ya got a minute ...

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