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What are the Asylum colors/fonts? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5052" title="Pages that link to What are the Asylum colors/fonts?" rel="nofollow" >What are the Asylum colors/fonts?\

If you are trying to make a sig some of the Asylum formatting can by useful (although you could just view the source!!):

Main font colour: #fc6203

Main font size: 11px

Main font family: Verdana

Main background colour: #0c1628

Main message background colours: #320808 and #240000

Main message header colour: #000000

Scrollbar bright colour: #993300

Scrollbar dark colour: #320808 and #240000

Scrollbar arrow colour: #ef750e


warjournal has kindly made a PS color switch to help you in your sig making endeavours:


Drop it into or nearest equivalent:
Photoshop 6.0PresetsColor Swatches
If you get it in the right directory, then the ACO should be accessible with the Colour Swatch palette drop-down.

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