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UnitedRealms.com - Free-Form RolePlaying Communities w/ forum community and games.

Aderyn.com - Pick a name .. and hop right into the chatrooms .. have an adventure at the expense of your imagination
-------------> Er oops:"The World of Aderyn is no longer available. Thank you for your interest."

The Reincarnation - Free strategy rpg. Each player is a mage with a kingdom to protect or attack from with spells and an army (choice of 5 colors of magic each with it's own spells and units). Takes some thinking, but great fun once you learn some tactics. Ha!! Attack!!

War of Wizards - a strategy, fantasy, PBeM (Play By e-Mail) game involving wizards raising armies, managing resources and researching magic. As a player you can: Send heroes exploring towers, caves and graveyards, build armies and send them out to conquer your enemies, research the magic arts in areas ranging from Necromancy to Druidic, construct towns, etc.. (needs a redesign, thou)

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