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Welcome to the Asylum Recycling Center .. where your waste is someone else treasure of ideas and creations .. what is the Asylum Recycling Center you ask?

The Asylum Recycling Center is where you the inmate of this Ozone bring your old nasty work or new ugly work that just didn't pan out for you and place it into the Trash Can .. whatever it be .. an graphic .. a script .. a texture .. what have you this is your Trash Can .. be conservative .. SAVE THE OZONE .. [chuckle]

[note: this is a warning .. this is to inspire ideas and creativity .. not a place to steal someone's old work that they happen to share .. if stealing takes place this experiment will stop in its tracks .. if you find a work of someone elses that gives you an idea .. please note where you got the idea from or inspiration when you show off your work on the Asylum Boards .. thank you and let's see your Trash]

To add your trash to the Can just add a subtopic to this topic .. thank you .. and please keep in mind the warning above

have fun recycling!!!!

(Edited by: RammStein on Mon 17-Jun-2002)

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