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On-line games (flash/shockwave/JAVA, etc) Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5150" title="Pages that link to On-line games (flash/shockwave/JAVA, etc)" rel="nofollow" >On-line games (flash/shockwave/JAVA, etc)\

Place all you on-line games here .


http://www.liquidcode.org/worm.html - The Infamous Worm Game
http://www.bugimus.com/bugpuzzle/bugpuzzle.php - SlicePuzzle by Bugimus: very fun and addictive puzzle game
http://www.nokia-game.com/rgchallenge.html - RG Probe: this is a version of the worm game that is a lot better than the one above, IMHO.
http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/fight4.html -Xiao Xiao 4: Part of the Xiao Xiao stick figure series; a shoot 'em up where you face a compound full of gun-, knife-, grenade-, box-, and rocket launcher-wielding stick figures. Nice little ending movie too.
Pitfall -(www.langleycreations.com)
X-Men vs. Street Fighter (online)
18 good Online Games
Shooter but a bit on the nutter side
3D pong game (liquid.se)
kharon - great flash game (kharon4a.com)
globz.net games
Old arcade centipede game (hasbrointeractive.com)
Superbreakout (hasbrointeractive.com)
A load of fun games
Helicopter Game
Pop up pong
free arcade
Capoeira Fighter 2
spank the monkey!!
G Max Skateboarding
Four Feathers - A chess like game form the film Four Feathers
Memory - A cheesy Memory Game
Addicting Games - Tons of "addicting" games
~outcydr's picks: action/aventure type games
-Terrain: Chapter 1-Chapter 2
---help is in the game
-Lenny Loosejocks In Space
-Arcane: Episodes 1 - 8
---walkthroughs for Chasm and Arcane
-Goodnight Mr.Snoozleberg
Defender of the Crown Flash version of the old Amiga game.


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