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Info about the legal matters of ripping and distrubuting ripped movies...etc.etc

(Added by: OlssonE on Sat 22-Jun-2002)


Is there any way this can be legal unless the DVD is made available under something like a GPL license? I'm not even sure we should be providing this information - but I am open to discussion on any legitimate uses this may have.

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I have to make myself clearer on this point. I'm talking about what is legal and what is illegal.

Ofcourse ripping and distubuting a dvd is illegal if it is not under the GPL license. But is it legal to ripp a copy of your'e dvd if you have the orignal and just have it for backup on your'e computer. Or rip it becuase you want to take with you many movies on a trip but doesn't want to bring all the DVD-ROM (if you have a laptop).

Which kind of rules is there on dvd's. Can you make copy for your nearest friends and famlily? (you can do that with cd's).


My understanding was that you couldn't even make copies of CDs for your own use and I would assume you can't do the same with DVDs (its like making MP3s from your own CDs).
Tyberius Prime:
Well, for your *own* use, copying is explicitly allowed ('fair use' in the us, similar laws at least in germany, and I'd expect most of the western world).
Giving a copied cd to a person you know personally is actually legal in Germany.
Distributing the copy to anybody you don't have a real relationship with (ie. friend, coworker...) is illegal.
Same applies for videos/dvd/books...

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