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Becoming a Great Photographer - By Shiiizzzam

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The lessons I'm posting were done by John Setzler sixstring. He's a awesome photographer and taught me everything I know about photography. He gave me the following lessons to share here with others to help new photographers learn how to get started or even help if you feel you need to climb out of a slump. He has prints and a awesome gallery

Lesson 2: Choosing Your Subjects

Choosing your subject is a tough lesson to discuss. You can photograph absolutely anything you like. The possibilities are endless. What you choose to photograph is completely up to you.

I believe it is always a good idea to choose subjects in which you have a personal interest. If you go out and simply take random photographs, you are less likely to be inspired by the results you bring home. If you go out with a mission in mind, your results will be more pleasing.

Step 1: Make a list of 5 different subjects that interest you.

These subjects could include flowers, pets, kids, cars, motorcycles, trains, buildings, people, road signs, farm animals, et cetera. It doesn't really matter what you choose as long as you have a higher-than-average personal interest in your choices. These subject choices that interest you at a higher level will help keep you focused on creating better photographs.

Step 2: Select the most emotionally appealing item from your list.

After you have selected at least 5 subjects that interest you, choose the subject from your list that has the most emotional value to you. This will be the subject that we work with first.

Step 3: Make 25 photographs of your chosen subject.

You can take this step and do whatever you like with it. All you have to do is make 25 different photographs. Why 25? This will be explained in the next lesson.

Have fun making these photographs and take your time... there is no rush

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