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What eBook Formats are there?

How do I create PDF files without Adobe Acrobat? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5316" title="Pages that link to How do I create PDF files without Adobe Acrobat?" rel="nofollow" >How do I create PDF files without Adobe Acrobat?\

The simple answer is you can use one of the freely available (even freeware ) alternatives listed below. The basic technique involves exporting from your word processor in PostScript format (using a PostScript printer driver) and then use some software to convert this into PDF (for free).

Some useful solutions include:

GhostScript - this is the leading solution (and is often the basis for other free PDF creation tools).

MakePDF - go to the free software option on their front page.

Free PDF

pdf995 - an ad-supported suite of PDF creation software

ps2pdf - online PDF creation.

Openoffice - a complete office package can write to PDF too.

Adobe Illustrator (versions 8-10) can also save a file as a PDF. Use File > Save as and choose the PDF option


If you are using Mac OS X your PDF creation is already intergrated into your operating system and you can just save files straight to PDF. (Actually, you invoke the "print" command and select "Save As PDF..." at the bottom of the print dialog box. edited by Steve)

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Creating Acrobat PDF files without Acrobat and for free - a good list of available resources.

Make Your Own PDF Files

Creating PDF Files Using Only Available Free Software - the example covers using MS Word but can be used with other word processing applications.

Creating PDF files, the Vishesh way - explains how to do this with MS Word.

Creating PDFs in Windows â Without Acrobat

DMOZ directory

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