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What does "Got error 28 from table handler" mean? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5324" title="Pages that link to What does &amp;quot;Got error 28 from table handler&amp;quot; mean?" rel="nofollow" >What does &quot;Got error 28 from table handler&quot; mean?\

It means that your hard disk is full (probably in your MySQL database but it could be elsewhere and interfering with the free running of your database). Try clearing up some files, optimising or repairing your database. This problem can be serious as your MySQL is usually stored in a partition on your hard disk and this error usually means it is full - if it is you need to free up space or your data could become corrupt.

Read through the resources below:

Relevant links:

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A series of messages in a yahoogroup 775, 776

Got error 28 from table handler at globals.pl line 276

Skins error

vBulletin users (we are using one in the GN) have access to a repair script to correct any damage but they need to clear space first see:

Errors 1203, 1030, and 1016

For other MySQL errors see:

FAQTS : Computers : Databases : MySQL : Errors

Relevant notes:

As of the time of writing this FAQ is number 1 at Google for the terms got, error, 28, from, table, handler.


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