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OK Stortroopers is down (and seemingly has been for months) which causes us (and the wider online community) a few problems.

Possibly it is time to create an Open Source version which we can give away and let people play with and come up with their own ideas.

Thanks to the Doc's example demonstrating the synthesis of beautiful art and tight code (as well as the cooperative atmosphere he has managed to inspire) the Asylum may be (nearly) uniquely placed to produce something functional and good looking at the same time

Anyway the project is in its early stage but I have started this FAQ to co-ordinate things (where possible). The project may never take flight but there will never be a better time to do than now so lets see what we can achieve

OK first initial steps have been taken the first template is:

get the PSD here

Update: Trying to make this a collaborative project failed (too many cooks, etc.) but the PPP isn't dead but is now being worked on by a limited number of people in one of the more secluded facilities we have in the Asylum. More news when they are good and ready - all rumours of strange sightings of mysterious featureless figures around the halls will be denied.

Relevant threads:

Stor troopers no more - the original thread where the idea was proposed.

Pixel Person Project: Graphics - the thread where we can discuss the graphics side of things.

Pixel Person Prototype Voting Thread - where we voted on the intial test template to use.

The pixel person project takes one step forward - ideas on the female version of the pixel person. (updated archived link)

Pixel People Project - the new thread for discussing the major aspects of the project.


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