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OK first off this is a cut down version of part of a tutorial i am doing for Guru's network, but as a lot of people have been asking about this i thought i would throw this in here now...

SORRY for image size but i didn't want to lose any detail on this..

OK, the aim is to create a fur like material in photoshop using nothing but clouds noise smudge and a bit of radial blur...

like i said quick n easy....

so start up a new document in photoshop ( i use v 7 but this will work in all versions). create a shape, it doesnt have to be over several layers but i wanted to test how to put layers of fur on top of each other.

ok select ya base colours, i wanted a light brown colour fur so i went for this set up in photoshop (light brown foreground colour/white background colour)

i selected the shape i wanted to start on using ctrl+left mouse button, making sure i was in the right layer. Then went to filter render clouds.

Now i wanted to get a better contrast and range of shades, so i did an adjustment as below

now to make it easier to see what ya doing, if working on a multi layer image like me, hide all layers excpet the one ya working on and the background layer.

Now that selection should still be there if not select the shape again, this time use filter add noise, making sure you haveuniform and monochromatic selected, the amount of noise is down to experiment, but the setting i used fits most situations..when ya done it should look something like this...

Hmm doesnt look anything like fur does it...ok next stage

now ya need to pick a good brush for this next part something spiky or narow, maybe one of the spatter type brushes i have a custom set and this is the one i used..

So once ya got ya brush picked out, select the smudge tool. Make sure ya in the right layer and that the shape is no longer selected, now what i did was start to smudge from the center outwards in the direction of the shape, once you have that done start to put some random directions in it, fur doesnt always grow the same way.
I used different sizes of the same brush, you want to try and end up with something like this.

OK we are starting to get there now...

Next up...

in your layer that you are currently working on, use the marquee to to select an area around your shape

and use filter:blur:radial blur about the settings i used below, again this is a matter of experimenting..

you should then get something like this

ok now i added a layer in between all mine and used a darker colour and blured a small selection to create a shadow between each fur layer..

this is all really a matter of experimenting and seeing what ya can do, but hopefully this will give you a starting base..

have fun

+++comments on this+++

mas: this works very well; also with other colors. a nice tutorial!!!

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