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We have a high expectation for sigs around these halls. Here are some examples of what we consider to be really bad sigs.

So eh, put really bad sigs below. A short explination of why they are bad would be appreciated. (please do not put anybody's sig below with out asking them first.)


This piece demonstrates how nasty color dodge can get. It is way too big for its content and it is also very rectangular. (not a good thing most of the time)


Again, a large rectangular piece. It is a good idea to ask yourself... "why would some one want to look at this?" about All your sigs. I must ask myself to this day... who wants to look at a b/w pic of a dogs nose? There is almost no artistic value to this.


Ah... and here is my original RDS. (retinal destruction sig) When I first made I was a bona-fide noob. I thought it was cool... until some one showed me the errors of my ways.


Another case of retina-destructive colors. Furthermore, the sig is really simple. Just plain text, with a gradient put over it. Nothing special.


This is a sig by an unknown personage... It really is a shocker to see what some people make. (hosted by Synax but not touched by him) Layer effects and blend modes... and once again, it is rectangular. If you sigs look anyting like this dont (NO NOT) even bother posting them. Our eyes will thank you.


ah yes here is another relativly bad sig, remeber this one guys?

and a suprise new entry from a new inmate - classy

And now from what is becoming known as the FlyingCloud series:


Not wanting to cause any kind of discussion here or in the reader's mind: above all else you should also remember that in spite of whatever anyone tells you this is the sum of any artistic process: learn the rules, learn to use them, then feel free to bend or break them.

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