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What are the inmate's rankings? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5436" title="Pages that link to What are the inmate&amp;#039;s rankings?" rel="nofollow" >What are the inmate&#039;s rankings?\

+++we have a new ranking system...see Our Ranking System+++

There are 2 sets of rank.

Those based on post count:

starting rank - Neurotic

31 - Maniac

61 - Lunatic

and those based on responsibilities:

Mad Librarians- who are moderators (they can edit, move, open/close and archive threads, and clean up the sink).

Mad Scientists - who are roaming site moderators (with the same powers as Psychotics but they can use them in any forum).

Relevant threads:

The Asylum hierarchy

User Status Question.

There's something wrong about rankings... - no good answer but a fun thread anyway


Could ya be a little more clear on what the rankings are like how many posts you need to obtain a certain rank, I mean ranking?

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