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When good sigs go bad Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5443" title="Pages that link to When good sigs go bad" rel="nofollow" >When good sigs go bad\

It is a good concept and even a good design so what happens to push a sig that should be well behaved and peaceful into a rabid monster that bites all that view it?

Reasons can involve: transparency, missing frames in an animation, etc.


So far we have posted bad sigs. Now lets move on to the good sigs and the ugly sigs. Thanks to Skaarjj for letting us display his sigs mishap! As you can clearly see from the examples below, transparency issues can really make a difference with a sig. A nasty Jaggie can hold the eye like nothing else, making an elegant sig a grandiose eyesore. How do I make my sig transparent?

which should look like:

Relevant FAQs:

What's in a sig?

Really Bad Sigs


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