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What are 'sniping' and 'snipers' in the world of online auctions? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5472" title="Pages that link to What are &amp;#039;sniping&amp;#039; and &amp;#039;snipers&amp;#039; in the world of online auctions?" rel="nofollow" >What are &#039;sniping&#039; and &#039;snipers&#039; in the world of online auctions?\

You take aim, wait for the optimum moment and BOOM - success or not?

Basically sniping is putting in a bid right in the last few seconds of an online auction. If you have tried to buy anything popular then you are the target for snipers so get informed and become a sniper yourself.

There are plenty of guides and services out there so don't be the sniped (snipee?) be the sniper

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How to snipe on eBay and another recent ZDNet article links to various other comments and articles.

Online auctions easy targets of 'snipers' - article on sniping and the Auction Sniper service.

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The science bit:

Rasmusen, Eric, "Strategic Implications of Uncertainty Over One's Own Private Value in Auctions," Indiana University, Dept. of Business Economics and Public Policy, October 31, 2001,(November 19, 2001).

Roth, Alvin E. & Axel Ockenfels (2000) "Last Minute Bidding And The Rules For Ending Second-Price Auctions: Theory And Evidence From A Natural Experiment On The Internet,'' NBER Working Paper 7729, June 2000,

sniping services

Google directory


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