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My name is Bmud.
.dumB si eman yM

Bmud likes to talk in third person.
I like a lot of different media. I work on all levels, and I like to try new things.
My favorites include 3D graphics, Photoshop, Flash, and Web Development (css, xml, php, sql, et cetera, et cetera...), and unfortunately, at the bottom of the list I do enjoy drawing, and lastly I used to very much enjoy sequencing my own music, but I havn't touched the stuff in ages.

I like the idea of tutorials that are written by those who are aware of the learning curve involved in the topic. I think The Doc does a good job, and the Gurus network does a great job aswell. I am enthusiastic about GN. I want to write my own tutorials soon on subjects that I have spent so lonng trying to teach myself.

I don't have very many black pills because I forget to visit my room here. It sure feels nicer than at home...I wish I would visit more often. *picks up his pills*

I have a new portfolio that's undergoing continuous revisions: [link]

I'm now doing webcast radio shows every week. =) It's really fun. http://www.osysi.net/radio

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