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Upping Opacity

I love using Edit > Fill with Mode: Behind.
101 Uses

But it doesn't always work. Like on photos when you need to bring the opacity of individual pixels in a layer up to 100% while mantaining the colour data.

Grab a photo. Grab Eraser tool, make it big and soft, and give the photo a few strokes. You know have some partial transparency in the photo.

Now, the pixels in the photo's layer have two different types of data: colour and opacity. Let's say you want to get those partially transparent pixel's opacity back up to 100% with their original colours. Well, Fill Behind just won't work because it uses a solid colour. Doh!

The fix? Simple enough.

Copy the layer
Merge down (ctrl + e)

The lowest % opacity pixel will basically tell you how many times to copy. Or you could just eyeball it, which is no big deal.

This trick has saved my posterior a few times.

The down side:
When a pixel reaches Opacity: 0 (Transparency: 100%), the colour information is tossed. That has Suck Factor: 115%.

The complete fix?
Use a Layer Mask! Some people don't, and dealing with it can be a pain. Hopefully you'll never have to deal with it. In case you do, the above trick should fix things (with the exception of 100% transparent pixels, which is another story all-together).

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