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I am cold. There is no heater in my cell. Anyone have a blanket?

Me=Nice woman from snowy Sweden. Living with a crazy computer tech guy from California who warms up my cell bed. I do html mostly for music related people and organisations. Full time job at the Music Academy in the town where I live, so webdesign is more like a hobby.

I am fun as hell in real life. In here the drugs keep me calm. Cold cell no fun.

(Added by: Kartis Shone on Sat 11-Jan-2003)

Tyberius Prime Comes in, sees the shaking Kartis, steps outside, puts his leg into the naked Wakkos pathway, Wakkos falls and cries in pain. Tyberius takes an orange glowing glassy ball of warmth and put's it into the cell. Then he starts humming the Marseilese (off key, of course) and leaves again.

(Edited by: Tyberius Prime on Sun 12-Jan-2003)

- - - - -

Thanks to Tiberius' orange glowing glassy ball I have made it through the winter and the cold spring. I survived. Yay!
A few weeks of this summer has been spent in front of the computer making a few websites, and rebuilding others. I finally started on my own website. Here it is:http://www.malmo.bostream.se/richcris/kartis/
I am still working on it, a little almost every day, as much as I can. I have left table systems for layout behind me, and got into CSS instead. Going for PHP. I work fulltime at the school, so I have to study programming in the evenings.

I fear next winter in this cell. *BRRRR* Tiberius, do you have more of those glassy balls? I accidently swallowed the last one... hungry... was out of rats...

(Edited by: Kartis Shone on Mon 04-Aug-2003)

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